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Infrared lighting produces light outside the visible spectrum, but it still has many uses – for instance, in space heating, warming food, shrink wrapping and laminating, drying and electrostatic copying. Specialist infrared lights are available in a variety of wattages, with higher wattages corresponding to greater heat outputs. Jacketed infrared lamps may use a quartz sleeve to provide greater infrared heat transmission, as well as being highly resistant to scratching and thermal shock. If you need infrared lighting for heating, catering, industrial or scientific purposes, check our products and find what you're looking for at a great price.

Alfa Heaters has become a leading global supplier of LED and infrared heat lamps with superior quality and value price. Our mission is “Brighten the 21st century to the world with excellent service and light bulb products”. The major products sold throughout the world are ‘ One piece Blown LED PAR38" and Infrared Heat bulb” with “LLEDUS” and “Heat plus” brand respectively. The unique characteristics of one piece blown PAR38 is its effectiveness and efficiency from one piece construction by using strong and glass for heat, but light weight. In serving the world markets through our modern production facilities, we continuously invest over five (5%) percent of our annual sales in new technology, new product development, top quality and high productivity programs. New products include ‘LED PAR30/PAR38 light bulb” providing tremendous energy-efficient benefits over ninety (90%) percent compared to an incandescent bulb. Alfa Heaters lighting product lines have been adapted and certified for using in global markets, and it includes reflector incandescent, LED bulb for outdoor flood-light, and IR heat bulb for pig / poultry / animal habitats. In partnership with the lighting industry, Alfa Heaters develops lighting solutions for serving worldwide customers.


  • Fade resistant ruby stained red
  • Specially designed filament
  • More heat less light (high heat output)
  • Moisture Proof (Hard Glass)
  • Screwed glass & No coated copper base
  • Reinforced rim bulb-shaped

  • Therapeutic and other medical purpose (Infrared therapy lamp/ orthopedics therapy lamp)
  • Food Purpose
  • Bathroom or Healthy Purpose
  • Pig, Chicks / Animal farming/ Poultry farming lamps


  • Sturdy bulb guard of this brooding lamp protects from animal
  • Heavy gauge stainless steel base
  • Aluminum with Gold anodizing
  • Porcelain socket and 10 inch cord
  • Use 100V ~ 250 Volt and 100W ~ 375 Watt range
  • Separate hanger clip and hanger attaches to the lamp holder
  • 3 way switch
  • Box of 10