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  • Brand: Alfa Heaters
  • Product Code: standard
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These high temperature plugs are used for connecting a power supply to a heating elements. We supply them as a straight or right angle design for fitting options.

They are suitable for 3 to 35 A and voltages from 220 to 600 V. They have a maximum working temperature of 500°C and are manufactured from aluminium and silicone with 2 x 6mm connection hole and a spring strain relief.


Ceramic Heater connectors with open type, closed type and T - Type busbar supports are available in our range of accessories and are mainly used for heaters. These multi pole connectors have stainless steel contacts. These connectors are used at sites where the operating environment sets high demands on the heat resistance of the connector.

The connectors available in range of 5 Amps to 30 Amps.


We have two different types of Heater Wire namely Fibreglass Wire & Teflon Wires with different sizes. Our Heater Wires can withstand high temperature. Heater Wire can be used in Heaters, Ovens & wherever heating connection required with Excellent Ductility, Minimum Distortion, High Conductivity, Durability etc.


Stainless Steel Clamps used to hold or install on both end of Quartz or Quartz Tubes. It can be mounted on ceramic cap or ceramic holders or Quartz Tubes. Stainless Steel Clamps can be supplied with or without ceramic bush and adjustment hardware.