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  • Brand: Alfa Heaters
  • Product Code: standard
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These are the most versatile of all electric heating elements capable of being formed into virtually any configurations. The coil is made up of helically wound coil of Nickel Chrome wire which is housed in a tube of SS 304 Sheath. The space between the coil & tube is filled with specifically selected grain size of high purity Magnesium Oxide (MgO).

This increases thermal conductivity, dielectric strength & heater life. The filled tube is then evenly compressed in swaging machine such that the diameter of the tube gets reduced. This holds the coil firmly in the center of the tube.

The terminals are SS screw type. Each end of the coil is welded to the screw's inner end which remains covered in the tube and the other end of the screw protrudes outside the tube which is to be connected to the power supply.


  • Air Heating
  • Forming machines
  • Immersion in liquids
  • Hot runner moulds
  • Oven and Dryers
  • Dish Washer
  • Sterilizing Equipment
  • Oil Water and Solvents
  • Immersion Heater


  • Sheath material
  • Diameter
  • Overall Length
  • Heated Length
  • Wattages & Voltages
  • Bend formation type & dimensions
  • Fin material & diameter
  • Thermostat if required
  • Flange Dimensions

Standard Diameter available 7 mm, 8 mm & 11 mm with M4 or M6 threaded stud terminal with Ceramic Insulator.


  • Resistance Tolerance +10%, - 5%
  • Wattage Tolerance +5%, -10%
  • Maximum Sheath Temp. SS--- 6500C, Copper --- 2000C, Incoloy --- 8750C
  • Maximum Voltage 480 V AC
  • Maximum current 40 Amp