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Short Wave IR Lamp transmits heat in the form of electromagnetic waves at a velocity of approximately 3,00,000 Km/Sec i.e., at the speed of light. These infrared curing lamps are not only the fastest in transmitting heat but are most suitable for specific applications involving vacuum technology and dust free (clean room) conditions.

REFLECTOR: The Reflector is used for better efficiency and target on material through all transmission rays energy emitted by Infrared Lamp.

The High Efficient Reflector are as following:

1. GOLD REFLECTOR: It is a Layer of Gold which is deposited on the layer of Infrared Glass Tube able to reflect more than 90% of IR radiation to achieve the maximum working temperature of about 600°C.

2. WHITE REFLECTOR: It is a Ceramic layer fixed on the infrared Glass tube to reflect, emits reflects about 70% of radiation as compared to gold it is less effective to the material. It can withstand up to 900°C.

3. RUBY REFLECTOR: It is use to mitigate the Infrared Radiation intensity of the filament. It is fixed all over the SW IR lamp in combination with another reflector.


1. Improved energy transmission on material

2. Reliable heating

3. Possible to obtain an additional distance irradiated energy


SHORT WAVE IR HEATERS are used in Stretch PET Bottle Machines, Paint Shops, Powder Coating Ovens, Screen Pad Printing, Curing, Drying, Printing Ink Drying in Offset Machines, Halogen lamps, Trolley Type Short wave IR Modules.

Short Wave Infrared Heaters Features:

  • Immediate heat: 90% of the heat is available within 1 second
  • Efficiency: 92% efficiency in emission of rays over 85% of the energy is converted to heat.
  • Convenience: No pre-heating and no heat dispersion.
  • Versatility: It is possible to heat just part of the surroundings, either inside or outside.
  • Individuality: Intensity adjustable from 0-100%.
  • Reliability: Lamp last up to 7000h hours even when switched on and off frequently.