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  • Brand: Alfa Heaters
  • Product Code: standard
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Tubular immersion heating elements are formed into hairpin that are brazed to flange of size “1 1.5”, 2”, 2.5” or 3” in brass or SS material. Temperature can be controlled by using thermostat if required.

These heaters are used where liquids are to be heated directly by immersion of heater. Here maximum watt density of 8watt/ is obtained. Virtually 100% energy efficiency is achieved as all heat is generated within the liquid or process.

Various mounting options like screwed flanged and side mountings are possible. These are used in lot of applications like Hot water storage tanks, preheating of oil process air equipment, boiler equipment etc.


Finned Tubular provide rapid and fast heat transfer for Air Heating Application. These heaters are highly effective in industrial and commercial application where hot air is required. These are constructed by mounting fins in SS or MS Sheath on normal tubular heaters.


These water circulation heaters are used in forced or natural circulation system to heat flowing gases or liquids. Flanged immersion heater, vessel, insulation, terminal enclosure, mounting brackets and inlet and outlet connections are provided. Thermostat is provided for temperature controlling.


  • Sheath material
  • Diameter
  • Overall Length
  • Heated Length
  • Wattages & Voltages
  • Bend formation type & dimensions
  • Fin material & diameter
  • Thermostat if required
  • Flange Dimensions

Standard Diameter available 7 mm, 8 mm & 11 mm with M4 or M6 threaded stud terminal with Ceramic Insulator.


  • Resistance Tolerance +10%, - 5%
  • Wattage Tolerance +5%, -10%
  • Maximum Sheath Temp. SS--- 6500C, Copper --- 2000C, Incoloy --- 8750C
  • Maximum Voltage 480 V AC
  • Maximum current 40 Amp