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  • Brand: Alfa Heaters
  • Product Code: standard
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We offer a uniquely designed Digital Power Controller, power controlling device that is configured with imported solid-state current control cascade unit, which is powered by single phase supply.


  • Compact design having 96mm x 96mm x 150mm & 96mm x 96mm x 65mm standard casing
  • Smooth & attractive surface finish for flush mounting, which enables lucrative yet
  • Manageable control device.

Control Panel

We are pleased to introduce as a professional Group organization engaged as a manufacturer & supplier of Electrical Control Panels required for Infrared Heating System, Engineering, Power Distribution and Process Industries.

Our company is having complete infrastructure to make the Electrical Panels & allied products to meet growing requirements of the customers. The main objective of the company is to provide high quality Control Panels to its customer and prompt after sales and Services.

We firmly believe that all the products must meet the internationally accepted quality standards. To name few of them

IS-13947-1993 Part I to V | IS-8623-1977 Part I | IS 5133-1969 Part II | IS 694-1990 | IS-3043-1987


  • Compact design, suitable for control panel flush mounting with panel, having a cutout size of 90mm x 90mm and 72mm x 72mm
  • Supply voltage indication feature.
  • Input: 220 +/- 10% volts, 50 Hz.
  • Output: 16Amps, 25 Amps or 40 Amps rated output, with required connected load ofcequipment arranged in series.
  • Output Terminal: for Phase/Neutral and two terminals for Series Load to be connected, which can be heaters & equipment.
  • Adequate capacity heat sink is provided.
  • Configured with imported solid-state current control cascade unit.
  • Precise & smooth % of supply voltage adjustment.
  • Configured with digital read-out indication for % supply of voltage.


  • We provide control panel for heating systems according to customer requirement from as low as 1kw upto 200kw .
  • To meet our customer needs of temperature control with accuracy of 1 degree centigrade.
  • The Short Wave IR / Medium Wave IR/ CERAMIC heaters installed in the module or ovens will be powered using our control panel.
  • CONTROL PANEL OF DIFFERENT TYPES : Compartment type | Drawer type | 2 door type.
  • TYPES OF CONTROL PANEL : PID based power controller PANEL | THYRISTOR based PANEL | SSR based control PANEL | Power controller based PANEL | PLC and HMI Based Automation Control PANEL.